Illinois Tiny Satellite Initiative

University of Illinois @ Urbana-Champaign
 Main CubeSat Photo Album


Russian DNEPR-1 launch vehicle

ION satellite will be put into a polar orbit around the earth by the Russian DNEPR-1 launch vehicle with a space head module


Bill can't get enough of CubeSat

Hard at Work (1)

Hard at work, making things fit

Hard at Work (2)

Hard at Work, programming the satellite

Hard at Work (3)

Hard at work, testing the satellite. (in the vacuum chamber)

Fun at Work

Playing with Liquid Nitrogen is fun, just be responsible. Cold testing the satellite in vacuum chamber

IONs First Pictures

During testing of CMOS camera, the satellite focuses in on Mike

Vibration Setup

Preparing for vibration testing

CubeSat Vibrates

Vibration testing out-sourced. CubeSat team representatives feel the vibration test stand vibrate

CubeSat Representives

CubeSat team at vibration test

Lots of Power

Lots of power needed for this company to perform their tests. (Vibration testing)

Range Testing

Sophisticated range testing technique of driving far away form the satellite in car and then attempt to establish communication with the ground station

Making Solar Panels

Making solar panels is very delicate process, but Aaron can do it.


Finished product. The CubeSat is complete.

Setting up for EOH

Rachana Patel setting up the CubeSat Engineering Open House presentation.

Our First Guests

Some of our first guests to our exhibit

Giving the Presentation

Ranchana Patel giving the CubeSat presentation to guests.

Preparing for Launch

Rachana Patel helps a guest attach here paper CubeSat to a balloon for launch.

More Presentations

Michael Menconi giving the CubeSat presentation to guests.

Ground Station Testing

Leon and Alex track satellites during ground station tests

Replacement Clock Battery Search

Mike searches for hard-to-find clock battery replacement

ION in Surgery

Emergency surgical procedure with borrowed dentist's mirror to replace dead clock battery

Last Known Photograph of ION

Purvesh and Mike with final ION photograph after successful surgury


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