Illinois Tiny Satellite Initiative

University of Illinois @ Urbana-Champaign
 NASA's J-Track Programs

NASA J-Track Home Page

Also see our STK Viewer Files for ION (free installation)

 J-Track 3D (Pop-up)
  1. Choose Select->Satellite

  2. - View only selected
    - Choose desired satellite

  3. Choose Options->Update Rate->1/4 second

  4. Choose Options-> timing->x1000


  1. Click Config to select satellites
  2. Select Satellite
  3. Click Add
  4. Click Finished

You do not have JAVA, sorry. Check out Science@NASA Satellite Tracking for other tracking opportunities.


  1. Click Options to select satellites including ION
  2. In Control tab, select custom satellites
  3. In satellite tab, select desired satellite
  4. Click Options to change location (Urbana, IL passes shown by default)

Private Links: [ION Dashboard] [Wiki] [Files] (Login: "UIUC\netid", Password: UIUC Active Directory Password)