Illinois Tiny Satellite Initiative

University of Illinois @ Urbana-Champaign
 Satellite Delivery and Integration Album

Arrival at Cal-Poly

ION completes the first leg of it's journey to CalPoly, where it will undergo the integration process with other CubeSats.

Hope it Still Works!

Testing in Progress

Preparing to go into the Clean Room

Preparing to go into the Clean Room (2)

Setting Up for Final testing

Mike and Aaron Ready in the Clean Room

Enjoying the Clean Air

Hardware Testing

Preparing for Integration

Powered from Outside the Clean Room

Inspecting the PPOD

ION CubeSat with Others

Another Team Photographs its CubeSat

Aren't they Cute?

Mike relieved that he can finally graduate

Weighing In

Measuring the satellite mass


Inserting the CubeSat into the holder container called a P-pod, which will be attached the launch vehicle.

Process Complete


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