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06-16-06 :: Launch vehicle delay

All payloads are ready to go, but the launch has been delayed due to a technical difficulty with the launch vehicle.  The launch company has triggered a contingency plan that involves using a backup launch vehicle.

Launch Date:  July 26, 2006

06-12-06 :: Pre-Launch announcement for June 28, 2006

Pre-launch Announcement

Launch Date:  June 28, 2006, 19:39:11 UTC

06-01-06 :: Launch date confirmed

Our launch date is proceeding as scheduled, and we have received preliminary orbital data.  Travel arrangements to the launch site are also underway, and we have performed final maintenance on the satellite.  Everything seems set for launch from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

Launch Date:  June 28, 2006, 19:39:11 UTC

04-12-06 :: The countdown has begun!

Our original launch has been delayed, yet again.  So, we have been offered a ride on another launch that is currently on schedule.

Tentative Launch Date:  June 28, 2006     (subject to change)

01-31-06 :: Launch delayed, yet again

ION's launch date has been pushed back, yet again.  For those that are curious, the reason we keep getting delayed is that the primary payload for our launch is encountering technical difficulties.  Until they fix whatever problem they are having, ION (and the rest of the CubeSats on our launch) aren't going anywhere.

Updated Launch Date:  ~April, 2006     (subject to change)

07-20-05 ::  Newsletter Launched, ION Waiting for a Ride

The launch date has slipped to October pending completion of primary payloads on the launch.  ION awaits its ride in luxury in a clean room in California.  Sign up for our email newsletter to stay posted on our activities. We send out updates every few months. 

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04-07-05 :: Website Launched, but not yet the Satellite

Welcome everyone to the new CubeSat website from the University of Illinois - Urbana, Champaign.  Take a look around the website.  We have descriptive pages describing our project for the general public.  Any elementary students out there, we have a K-6 web page.  This page was made to make it easier to understand the CubeSat project.  

04-07-05:  The satellite has been completed.  It's been transported to Cal-Poly, being assembled with the other CubeSats scheduled for this launch.  It will then be delivered to Russia and launched.

Launch Date:  ~July 10th, 2005     (subject to change)

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